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Strategic Plan Themes


Ensure Organizational Effectiveness, Sustainability & Capability

The Corporation is unified, sustainable and robust. We have strong and effective organizational, relationship, and governance practices to meet the demands of a changing environment. While competition for scarce health care dollars persists, we will remain fiscally responsible and continue to provide exemplary resident care. We will maintain the form and flexibility of a smaller organization using cost efficient administration to maintain effective accountability. Revenue Development has become an integral part of our organization, raising funds for the future capital needs of the organization.

Provide “Value Added” Services

We deliver care and services which meet customer expectations. We demonstrate expertise in both long term care and seniors’ housing. The Resident is a partner in his/her care and lifestyle, and our service delivery recognizes and respects resident and family expectations and needs. We will meet and exceed legislated requirements and are prepared for future funding mechanisms. Our Long Term Care Home no longer assumes a secondary role in the healthcare system and is well prepared for the provision of the specialized services that will be required of geriatric care in the future.

Build for the Future

We build to improve living environments allowing people to exercise more independent choices in both long term care and supportive and independent housing. The LTC Home will continue to be better designed for the physical and emotional needs of a frail population, allowing us to deliver enhanced services.

Develop Our Human Resources

We promote the IOOF Homes as an employer of choice through competitive compensation and fair employment practices. We retain a fully engaged, highly skilled and effective workforce with a solid work ethic. We will maintain a supportive work environment through accountable and responsible management and encourage employee participation in decision making. The workplace internal responsibility system for occupational health and safety is robust. We remain a learning organization supporting academic and professional development.

Improve Communications

We will continue to strengthen public awareness in the community through the media, our good works, and a reputation for service excellence. Improving internal communication and technological solutions to advance care delivery and information exchange are ongoing. Strong linkages and more effective communication with government and community agencies are evolving to achieve an accessible, secure, and coordinated technological system now and for the future.

Promote Community Partnerships

We do not work alone. More is achieved through strategic alliances with others. A strong relationship exists with the Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly of Ontario. Community partnerships will be advanced based on mutual opportunities to improve the health care and lifestyle of our customers.

Practice Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) & Risk Management

We demonstrate the worth of our services and our pursuit of excellence through Continuous Quality Improvement by which we evaluate the quality of our actions and decision making from an evidenced-based perspective. We minimize the adverse effect of accidental losses upon our organization through risk management which is vital to the health and safety of our employees, Residents, and customers and financially essential to our ability to pursue our goals efficiently.